Jill McCormick is a wonderful Physical Therapist. She really helped me with my back pain. Not only is Jill very knowledgeable but she has a well developed intuition. She really knows how to target the pain and get rid of it. I highly recommend her."

Jill D., Santa Cruz, CA __________________________________

Jill McCormick is both a highly skilled and remarkably intuitive physical therapist."

Amber Jayanti, Santa Cruz, CA __________________________________

"Jill McCormick has been working wonders on my daughter who has had long-term issues with extremely tight Achilles tendons and other joint problems. Jill uses very targeted techniques that work at the cause of a symptom and not just the symptom itself. She is very intuitive and patient and takes the time to thoroughly assess her clients. Thanks to Jill, my daughter can now play active sports again and is practically pain free."

Patricia Schroeck, Scotts Valley, CA

Jill is a forward thinking PT. I have sent numerous clients and my Olympic Lifting competitors in to have Jill evaluate them. For chronic and acute issues, Jill has my folks out and on their way to healing! Often improvement is seen in just a few days. She is invaluable in keeping my clients healthy for the long term. I consider her part of my fitness team!"

— Eva Twardokens, Santa Cruz, CA
2x Olympian/6x National Champion / US Ski Hall of Fame


It is very important to have extensive knowledge and an effective program, as Jill does. But what stands out to me, and is why I will without question recommend any of my clients to Jill, is her pure enjoyment and excitement for what she does. That enthusiasm, passion and dedication is what is needed in such a dynamic field. She has all the training that PT's need, but it's her passion that separates her.

Side note - I have never been able to touch my toes, ever. I've stretched for years, yoga, PNF, mobility work, you name it. I was in her office on the first day and in 5 minutes she had me touching my toes for the first time ever. Her smile was as big as mine, and that's what it's all about.

Gary Hirthler
Co-owner Crossfit Santa Cruz Central


"Jill is simply THE BEST! She was able to help me sort out a long-standing neck problem that no other doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor had been able to solve. I love her approach, and am forever a fan and client."

Michael V., Santa Cruz, CA